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Being that it is the fifth month of the year we are going to talk about the fifth step of the program. It asks us to admit to God, ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. It does not ask us to write an autobiography and then read it to another person. What this event in our life is trying to accomplish is why we did the things we have done, either while drinking or not while drinking.

We are trying to uncover our character defects, or our sins. It will point us in the right direction as to why we did and do the things we do which are the opposite of what God’s will for us really is. Alcoholism is a sickness of not only the body, but the mind too. Our minds have been warped. Many people share that even before they took a drink their minds and thoughts were of the abnormal variety. When they poured massive amounts of alcohol on top of that it was like putting gas on an already out of control fire.

Our sponsor, or a trusted person of our choice can listen to what we are saying and objectively help us on another path. We are going to have to trust in order to do this. Once this process is finished we can feel relieved for many different reasons. Two of them are that now we have someone we can trust and it begins to melt away the guilt of the past.

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