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Those caught in the web of abuse or addictions, contrary to societal image, rarely choose to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Rather, the person voluntarily chooses to try a substance, even on more than one occasion, but these choices can quickly turn a user into an abuser.

Abuse is a pattern of substance use that results in repeated negative social consequences, such as missing work, school or not keeping appointments.

Those who are abusing drugs run the risk for dependence, tolerance, and addiction. Tolerance is when the body requires more and more of drug in order to achieve the same high, while dependence causes the body to require the drug in order to function. Addiction is a compulsion to seek and use drugs, despite the negative consequences of such behavior and abuse.

During 2006, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates 22.6 million persons aged 12 or older were classified with substance dependence or abuse.

Drug use becomes abuse when it begins to adversely affect the user’s life. These problems can range from being late to work, skipping appointments and time with family or friends to get high, financial problems from drug use or trouble with criminal activity. As these events begin to occur, it is a clear sign the abuser needs professional help to overcome his abuse of drugs.

Drug abuse treatment can be found at more than 11,500 facilities across the U.S., and range from in-hospital services to residential programs to outpatient clinics. Treatment can include various psychological therapies, in which the client gains understanding about drug abuse and learns how to better deal with life stressors and daily functioning. Other programs, such as art therapy and recreational classes, can help abusers gain focus and meaning while recovering from drug abuse.

Since 1972, the renowned Clearbrook Treatment Centers have been providing effective treatment programs for adults and adolescents who suffer from alcoholism and/or chemical dependency. Clearbrook’s rehabilitation program is based upon the belief that alcoholism and chemical dependency is a primary disease and that the suffering addict and his or her family members deserve immediate help.

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