LGBTQ Addiction Treatment at Clearbrook

Members of the LGBTQ community often have to overcome extra challenges, including obstacles that many people outside of the community simply do not understand. These challenges can sometimes lead to serious issues that require special attention, including substance abuse. That’s why we offer LGBTQ addiction treatment at both Clearbrook Massachusetts and Clearbrook Pennsylvania.

Why Addiction Rehab for LGBTQ People?

Addiction plagues people of all different backgrounds, races, and sexual orientations, but the LQBTQ community struggles with addiction at a higher rate than many other groups. Unfortunately, because of prejudices and some of the extra obstacles people in the LGBTQ community often have to face in their lives, they may turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. One study found that lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents were 90% more likely to use substances than heterosexual adolescents.1 These bad habits in adolescence will only continue to get worse into adulthood without treatment.

Whether you are looking for a drug or alcohol treatment program, you want an addiction rehab for the gay community that understands your needs.

Our Gay-Friendly Addiction Treatment

For many people in the LGBTQ community, addiction treatment presents a series of extra considerations that many other treatment centers may neglect to address. At our residential treatment center, we want to ensure that everyone is given their greatest chance for long-term sobriety success. This includes making every person as comfortable as possible no matter their sexual orientation or sexual identity.

Some of the unique features of our LGBTQ addiction treatment include:

  • Safe housing by presented identity
  • Pairing with staff members of the LGBTQ community when possible
  • Group therapy arranged for the patient’s best comfort
  • Private, nonjudgmental therapy sessions to address the specific needs of members of the LGBTQ community

Safe Housing Accommodations for LGBTQ Addiction Treatment

One of the biggest concerns for people in the LGBTQ community is a housing arrangement while in rehab. Finding addiction treatment for LGBTQ people that will take your needs into account without question can be difficult. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we do not want to make getting proper LGBTQ addiction treatment any more difficult than it has to be.

We offer special housing accommodations for people in the LGBTQ community. Especially for transgender patients, we understand that the gender of your documentation may differ from your presented gender. Instead of housing, you based on what a piece of paper says, we will house you based on your personal gender identity. Overcoming an addiction is hard enough without having to worry about your living arrangements.

The goal of our Northeast addictions treatment center is to not only witness all of our patients achieve long-term success in their recovery journey but to also make them feel as comfortable as possible during their time with us. Reach out to us to get started on your path to a better future.


  1. National Institute on Drug Abuse – Substance Use and SUDs in LGBT Populations

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