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Some of us came to A.A./N.A. simply grateful that we were alive. Some of us didn’t know how to be grateful for anything. How could we be grateful when we saw everything wrong in our lives? When others spoke of gratitude, we couldn’t grasp the idea. It even made some of us angry because we had no idea how to be grateful.

For some of us, it wasn’t until we saw a Higher Power working in our life that we even knew how to be grateful. Others slowly but surely became more grateful for the simple things as our sponsor and support group pointed out the wonderful things in our life that we just couldn’t see. We were blinded by the insanity in our lives but the people around us helped us open our eyes and be grateful just to breathe, to be sober, to be living a life of recovery. Today and every day we stay grateful and even though in the beginning gratitude wasn’t something that came easy, now it is a part of our daily life.

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful for a loving and caring partner. Today I will show my appreciation for my partner. I pray for the sensitivity to cherish my partner.

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