Alumni Program for Addiction Recovery

While many people think that addiction treatment ends when your time at a rehab facility ends, this should not be the case. Addiction is a life-long battle and the recovery process shouldn’t stop just because your formal program is over. You need a support group and helpful resources that will be there for you long after you leave the treatment center. That’s why we offer an alumni program at both Clearbrook Massachusetts and Clearbrook Pennsylvania.

What Is an Addiction Treatment Alumni Program?

As a patient completes their time at an inpatient detox center like ours, they will progress through various levels of care. Eventually, they will be deemed healthy enough to stop formal addiction treatment and return to their normal lives, but it doesn’t mean that this stage will be easy. Long after traditional treatment, recovering addicts may still experience drug cravings, fear of relapse, and struggle to navigate their post-treatment world. Although they are mostly on their own, they do not need to be alone.

When recovering addicts are faced with these real-life situations, they often need a little extra support. A drug rehab alumni program is designed to let recovering addicts connect with each other after treatment. Members of this group can discuss everything from problems sleeping after treatment to how to approach telling your loved ones. Whether you previously struggled with suboxone withdrawal and are still experiencing drug cravings, or you are trying to navigate the world of dating after recovery, chances are someone in the addiction treatment alumni program is experiencing something comparable to you. This network of people working through similar problems creates a helpful support group that can make the continued recovery process easier. The goal of these programs is to promote long-term success and sobriety.

The Alumni Program at Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Because it can affect all aspects of your life as well as those closest to you, addiction comes with many moving parts. You want to make sure that you have the right support in your corner for the rest of your life, and this is where we step in. As part of the Banyan Treatment Centers family, we connect you with people across the country who have gone through our various addiction treatment programs. Once you complete treatment at one of our rehab centers, you will automatically become a member of the program. We can almost guarantee that you will find someone who has gone through a situation similar to yours. As a member of our alumni program, you will also receive resources that are designed to help you maintain your sobriety as well as promote healthy living. This program will help empower you to continue your quest to sober living and building a better future for yourself.

Whether you are struggling yourself or you are looking for drug treatment for your loved one, you deserve the best care possible. Our addiction treatments programs are designed for your long-term success. Do not wait any longer. Contact our Northeast addictions treatment center today to begin your journey to sobriety with us by your side.