One of the most unique aspects of our Northeast addictions treatment center is that we offer creative treatment methods that make the recovery process less formal and more individualized to the patient’s preferences and needs. We understand how complex addiction and recovery can be. We take pride in having a variety of unique and individualized therapies to benefit our patients during their recovery journey. In addition to therapy methods like meditation, yoga, and pet therapy, both our Massachusetts and Pennsylvania rehab centers also offer art therapy for addiction that can aid in the recovery process.  

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What Is Art Therapy for Substance Abuse?  

Art therapy refers to using art as a mechanism for understanding the underlying causes of addiction, such as mental illness, negative emotions, and relationship problems. Art therapy for addiction recovery is focused on the creative process as a tool for healing.  

There are various benefits to using art therapy for drug addiction recovery, such as: 

  • Helps patients externalize feelings through non-destructive ways or behaviors 
  • Helps therapists and patients gain insight into what they patient is feeling by using art to represent repressed or unconscious emotions 
  • Makes patients feel active and empowered by exploring their work and their growing maturity and independence to solve problems 
  • Offers clients the opportunity to utilize visual communication, making it easier for clients to express themselves when they don’t know how with words 
  • Offers clients the time and space for self-reflection 
  • Inspires self-confidence  
  • Encourages emotional healing  
  • Contributes to relapse prevention 

Addiction recovery art is one of the many treatment methods the Clearbrook Treatment Centers’ clinicians utilize in their programs. Creative therapies can help individuals better understand the source of their substance use disorders. Art therapy for addiction also allows patients to find new ways to express how they feel without using words. Many people enjoy creating art and find it an effective way to express themselves. 

How Does Art Therapy Work? 

Our addiction therapists use art therapy as a tool to help patients interpret, express, and resolve their emotions and thoughts. Patients work with an art therapist to explore their emotions, understand distressing conflicts and feelings, and use art to help them problem-solve.  

Art therapy has been around since the 1940s and has since evolved to help individuals recover from various forms of physical and mental health problems. The goal of art therapy sessions is to help clients understand what is causing them distress and what is possibly encouraging their drug use. 

During sessions, art therapists will:   

  • Describe the goal of art therapy  
  • Explain that clients don’t have to be creative to create effective art 
  • Help the client choose and use a medium, such as acrylic paint or colored pencils 
  • Guide the clients through expressing themselves through art, usually by asking questions 
  • Discuss the results of the client’s work and how it made them feel to create it 
  • Plan another session or for the client to work on their own 

Keep in mind that art therapy isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. This is why our facility offers a wide range of therapy programs. We want to make sure that every client who walks through our doors has service options designed to help them resolve their unique problems. Clients at our facility consult with their therapists to determine the best course of treatment for them.  

How Art Therapy Can Help You  

Sometimes, we’re at a loss for words and can’t seem to think of the right thing to say. Recovering from addiction can involve a rollercoaster of emotions. It can be difficult to put your thoughts and feelings in order during your addiction treatment.  

In our art therapy program, our patients can learn to understand their emotions on a meaningful level. Alongside our standard alcohol and drug treatment programs, this unique and creative approach to recovery can help patients heal emotionally while they heal physically.  

In a nutshell, this form of therapy is designed to help clients express their emotions, improve self-esteem, manage addictions, relieve stress, improve symptoms of mental illness, and cope with the various challenges of recovery. Art also allows a person to convey ideas and emotions and explore issues in a way that allows the individual to communicate in a non-verbal way.   

Many patients initially feel hesitant about exploring and addressing these issues in a group setting or individually with our therapists. Whether it’s visual arts, music, poetry, or drama, our Pennsylvania and Massachusetts treatment centers incorporate expressive arts in our therapy modalities to offer clients an additional emotional outlet and coping mechanism.   

Many clients feel as if they’ve been broken or lost their sense of identity, which, of course, can make recovery that much more difficult. However, we’re determined to make our facility a place where clients can learn to recognize their addictions as chronic brain diseases rather than a weakness.   

Achieving emotional communication is key for patients in art therapy. This form of addiction treatment can help break down emotional walls, promote emotional healing, and teach patients how to better convey their feelings. 

Our art therapy treatment method facilitates self-expression and serves as an emotional outlet for people who don’t, or can’t, verbally express their feelings or emotions. In this program, we encourage our patients to tap into their creative sides and discover new aspects of themselves.  

Each of our patients receives an art therapy rehab program designed to meet their individual needs. These plans are often comprised of several treatment methods that work together to help the patient recover. Before administering art therapy treatment, we assess our patients to determine whether art therapy would benefit their recovery journey.  

Customized Art Therapy Treatment at Clearbrook 

Our team at Clearbrook Treatment Centers is dedicated to each of our patients and their recovery journeys. If you or a loved one are battling with substance abuse, art therapy may be incorporated into your recovery plan.  

We are here to help you get back on your feet. Contact Clearbrook today to learn more about our inpatient addiction treatment programs and other addiction services offered at Clearbrook Pennsylvania and Clearbrook Massachusetts. 

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