Alcohol rehab Clearbrook Treatment CentersWhile many people can have a glass of wine with dinner or may indulge in the occasional night out drinking, others have a problem with alcohol. They can’t help but get carried away when they drink or drink throughout the day. No one ever plans to become an alcoholic, but because drinking alcohol is so highly accepted in society, many turn from drinking a few beers to full-blown alcoholism. For these people, an alcoholism treatment program like the ones offered at Clearbrook Massachusetts and Clearbrook Pennsylvania may be able to help, but the first step is recognizing that there is a problem.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

  • Drinking more than intended on a regular basis
  • “Blacking out” frequently
  • Neglecting life’s responsibilities
  • Financial problems
  • Legal problems stemming from drinking
  • Increased tolerance to alcohol
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Drinking at all points of the day
  • Making excuses about drinking habits
  • Drinking alone
  • Trying to quit but not being able to

If you or a loved one is exhibiting many of these signs, then an alcohol treatment program may be in your best interest.

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Our Alcohol Treatment at Clearbrook

alcohol treatment center clearbrookAt both Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we understand that an addiction to alcohol is more than just drinking too much or too frequently. Addiction can be costly to a person’s physical health, mental health, and relationships. People can suffer from legal problems, financial issues, and more as their addiction spirals out of control. It is important that alcohol addiction treatment addresses all of these issues.

The first step for most of our patients will be alcohol detox. With the supervision of our trained staff, this process helps to remove the toxins from the patient’s body safely so that they can begin to focus on the other aspects of healing from alcohol addiction. After successful completion, patients will then transition into our residential addiction treatment program at our alcohol treatment center.

At Clearbrook, we believe in a comprehensive approach to alcohol abuse treatment, so we expose our patients to a variety of therapies and programs during the recovery process. Patients will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a therapist as well as participate in group therapy sessions with other people who also struggle with alcohol abuse. From cognitive-behavioral therapy to art therapy and many more in between, patients will partake in programs that focus on not only healing their mind, body, and soul but also on preparing them to return to their normal lives without having to lean on alcohol to get through the day. Getting sober is only half the battle, so we do our best to prepare patients to stay sober long after they walk out of our front doors.

Get Help

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