Our drug rehab clinics help men and women who are battling drug addiction and alcoholism achieve long-term sobriety. Our Clearbrook Treatment Center locations in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts offer substance-specific medically monitored detox programs and inpatient drug programs to ensure that our patients receive the individualized care they need to recover. Patients at our Clearbrook rehab in PA and MA will have the luxury of recovering in safe and clean facilities while enjoying the beautiful views our locations have to offer.


Clearbrook’s Addiction Rehab Directory

Clearbrook’s list of rehab centers includes two of the best drug rehab facilities in the U.S. Finding the right rehab either for yourself or a loved one is crucial to finding treatment that will make sobriety possible. Clearbrook Massachusetts and Clearbrook Pennsylvania are two facilities that offer a full column of care and provide comprehensive addiction treatment methods, specialty programs and therapies, and aftercare for alumni to aid in our patients’ ongoing recovery. In addition to providing medical detox, residential drug treatment, and drug addiction therapy, we also provide a family program for our patients’ loved ones. We know that addiction affects both the individual and the people they’re close to, so we believe it’s important to offer the latter care as well.

Clearbrook Massachusetts

Clearbrook Pennsylvania


Additional Banyan Treatment Center Locations

Clearbrook Treatment Centers represents its original facility in Laurel Run, Pennsylvania, as well as its newest location in Massachusetts and its sister locations across the country. Banyan Treatment Centers works in tandem with our Clearbrook locations to service adults across the United States in need of drug addiction treatment. Below is a list of Banyan’s drug rehab facilities in Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, Texas, Illinois, and California.

Banyan Boca

Banyan Chicago

Banyan Delaware

Banyan Heartland

Banyan Massachusetts

Banyan Palm Springs

Banyan Philadelphia

Banyan Pompano

Banyan Stuart

Banyan Texas

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Seaside Palm Beach

Our list of drug and alcohol treatment centers includes specialty rehab centers that offer a wide range of services for substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, and primary mental illnesses. While some clients wish to receive treatment for their addictions close to home, others may travel to a different state or city to receive specialized care. Clearbrook Treatment Centers locations offer different rehabilitation opportunities for more people throughout the nation. Alongside Banyan Treatment Centers, our outpatient and inpatient drug rehab centers may have what you or a loved one needs to achieve sobriety.

For more information about our locations or the addiction services we offer, contact us today to be connected with one of our Clearbrook team members.