The Banyan Treatment Centers Family and Clearbrook Treatment Centers has facilities nationwide. Our mission is to provide growth through recovery by offering all levels of care, from detoxification to outpatient services and our strong alumni program. We believe that recovery doesn’t end once treatment at a facility does, and our supportive resources are offered to our clients for life.

The Banyan family is comprised of strong, supportive, and qualifying staff members that truly care about the success of each client’s recovery and will guide them every step of the way. Our addiction treatment services are offered on different levels of care at each of our facilities.

Our drug and alcohol treatment centers uphold the Banyan rehab ideals of providing a positive treatment experience for the entirety of each client’s recovery process. It is important to learn how to live your life without drugs and alcohol, and to enjoy doing so.

At our alcohol and drug treatment centers, the goal is to empower everyone to live a life of long term recovery. With our multi-faceted approach and our variation of treatment tracks, each person that comes through our center will be able to implement a recovery program in their life that they can live out each day even after leaving our treatment center. We pride ourselves in being able to effectively give our patients the right tools they need once treatment is completed and we constantly see successful results.

Local Banyan Treatment Centers Rehab Facilities

Recovery is on-going process and happiness can be achieved through sobriety. Banyan’s addiction treatment centers stand as pillars in the recovery community and a strong support system for our patients and our alumni recovery program is a true testament to this. Part of the recovery process includes getting rid of people who don’t support you through your sobriety journey and this will allow for positivity moving forward. With optional support for added faith-focused addiction treatment, all patients can heal their mind, body, and spirit.

All Banyan facilities are located in a peaceful setting, providing comfort and tranquility to all patients. We understand the significance of allowing our patients to heal in an environment that’s free from distractions and temptations and our beautiful drug and alcohol treatment centers provide this and so much more during treatment. All our treatment programs and therapy sessions are provided at our nationwide facilities by our highly qualified staff comprised of physicians, therapists, and nurses. The type of treatment service provided at each facility can be found above.

To learn more about Banyan Addiction Treatment Services, please call us anytime. The Banyan Treatment Centers Family stands as a leader in providing growth through recovery by offering all levels of care for addiction treatment. For more information on Bayan and all other services call us today (855) 722-6926.