Those who have loved ones with addictions can understand that substance abuse affects more than just the individual. Addiction is a disease that takes over a person’s life and affects not only their well-being but also the well-being of their friends and families. From strained relationships to toxic family systems, one family member’s drug or alcohol problem can wreak havoc on everyone who’s involved in their life. Fortunately, our family program at Clearbrook Pennsylvania and Clearbrook Massachusetts offers support for families of addicts so they can cope with the effects their loved one’s substance abuse had on them.

Importance of Help for Families of Addicts

As a inpatient drug rehab, we understand that addiction affects more than just the individual. Family drug counseling is needed to help addicts and their loved ones heal.

Family members may harbor feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and mistrust resulting from their loved one’s addiction, leading to poor mental health for the person’s friends and family members. If not addressed, these feelings can become more severe and contribute to a tear in the family.

Unresolved conflict and tension between addicts and their loved ones can also lead to a toxic home environment or broken or unhealthy relationships, which can contribute to relapse. Support for families of addicts is necessary for the family to move forward together.

One of the biggest contributing factors to long-term sobriety is having a strong support system back home. When addicts in recovery lack the love and support from their family and the people they’re closest to, it’s heartbreaking and a problem that can discourage them from continuing their recovery.

Rebuilding your life after battling addiction can be difficult if the people you love aren’t there to help. Family can be the best source of support these individuals need to succeed as they transition from rehab to everyday life.

Oftentimes, family members aren’t unwilling to help the individual, but rather they’re just unsure of what to do. Our family therapy for addiction educates the addict’s loved ones on addiction and teaches them ways they can assist their loved ones in their addiction recovery.

Help for Families of Addicts at Clearbrook

While medically monitored detox and treatment programs focus on the addict, our family program offers support for families of drug users. This program enhances the recovery of the addict while also promoting healing within the family as a whole. Our program offers family addiction counseling and opportunities for the addict and their loved ones to openly discuss their struggles and concerns. By offering counseling for family members of drug addicts in a safe environment, we can prevent hurtful discussions and similar dramas from getting in the way of recovery.

At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we offer family therapy in addiction treatment to aid in the healing of both the individual and their loved ones. This program is one of the several therapy options we provide to ensure that our patients receive all the support they need for a lifetime of sobriety.

Our family program at Clearbrook includes individual therapy sessions where families can speak to our licensed therapists individually to voice their concerns. We also offer weekly online family support groups for families to work on themselves and learn how to best support their loved one.

Loved ones will also learn more about addicts’ conditions and the best ways they can contribute to their recovery at home. Enabling and codependent behaviors are major contributors to addiction and relapse, so families must receive the necessary education to best support their loved ones.

Families are encouraged to take advantage of our Clearbrook Family Programs during their loved ones’ residential drug treatment.

Let us help you reconnect with family after addiction and build a strong support system. For further information about our substance abuse treatment or residential mental health care, contact Clearbrook Treatment Centers today.


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