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This is the cornerstone of how we get well. There are so many people who talk about others in their life that tried getting them to see that their behavior and abuse of their drugs and alcohol was ruining their life. Many times our parents, wives and husbands, judges, and law enforcement have tried to get us to see this, but we never heard them or listened.

When we come into the programs of AA/NA, there are people there that have experienced and lived exactly what we are feeling. At first it is all about how to stop drinking. There is nothing quite like another person telling that story to someone that is suffering the disease of active addiction. Many times the feeling that comes to the sufferer is that someone finally understands them.

After the obsession to poison and kill ourselves with chemicals the benefit of other people does not stop there. What these people in our lives can do is to help us live life on life’s terms. The delusion of thinking we know what’s best for us seems to vanish and we begin to pass our thoughts through others before they become our actions. These are all humble steps that will keep us sober for years and years to come.

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