Rehab for Pregnant Women at Clearbrook

Having a child is the greatest gift in the world, but when addiction is involved, having a baby becomes a lot more dangerous. There are so many more questions that need answers when the mother has a substance abuse problem. Instead of just worrying about a baby shower, setting up the nursery, and picking a name, you now need to consider more concerning matters like the baby’s physical health, possible behavioral problems, and the effect your addiction will have on your child’s future. That’s why we offer rehab for pregnant women at both Clearbrook Massachusetts and Clearbrook Pennsylvania.

Pregnancy & Addiction

One study found that during pregnancy 9% of women used illegal drugs, 9% smoked cigarettes, and 5% drank alcohol.1 When a woman is pregnant, addiction is no longer just her problem. The health and the well-being of the unborn child becomes a major concern. Drinking and drug use during pregnancy can cause serious problems such as cognitive and behavioral problems, premature births, and even miscarriages. Not to mention the fact that you are about to become a mother and be responsible for a whole other life. Without addiction treatment during pregnancy to help you stop, your substance abuse problem could haunt your child for the rest of their life.

Treatment Options for Pregnant Drug Users

You may think that because you are already expecting, it is too late. Luckily, there is still time to make a change. Entering our alcohol treatment program as soon as you find out you are pregnant could save your baby from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Removing your dependence on cocaine now could keep your baby from developing an addiction to the harmful substance from birth as well.

Contrary to what many people believe, there are programs for pregnant drug users. There are support groups, therapists, and workshops tailored to substance abuse treatment during pregnancy, but because of the power of addiction, a professional rehab for pregnant women is probably your best option. The most important thing is that you get help as quickly as possible.

Our Rehab for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is challenging enough without having to worry about addiction as well. For the first seven months of pregnancy, we offer rehab for pregnant women to help them stop their addiction.

Expecting mothers who enter our program will start with detox to flush their body as well as their unborn child’s body of the harmless substances they are dependent on. Because the health of the fetus is a major concern, a medically monitored detox becomes especially important. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, our doctors and nurses are trained to ensure the safety of not just you but also your baby. You will be closely monitored and have 24-hour support available during this sensitive time.

Our Northeast addictions treatment center will also provide you with various treatment therapies and programs following detox. Patients will have the opportunity to participate in group and individual therapy sessions, the 12-step program, cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, art therapy, motivational interviewing, and family programs for addiction. Our goal is to help you get to the root of your addiction problems as well as to help you achieve long-term success so that you can always be there for your child drug-free.


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