As the boss, you have many responsibilities. You need to worry about budgets, employees, marketing, and the day-to-day operations of the company. Essentially, you have the entire future of the company to look over, but there are times when it is hard to know when your job ends. It is natural for employees to become stressed, but when this stress turns into a substance abuse problem, there is a big problem.   

Addiction Treatment for Employees

When you suspect that your employee has a substance abuse problem, you may worry about whether it is your place to step in, but when one employee starts to abuse drugs or alcohol, this dangerous habit may spread to other members of your team and could lead to decreased work productivity. A corporate addiction recovery program is designed to help employers get their employees the addiction help they need. A drug and alcohol detox center should guide your employee in the process of removing the toxic substances from their body while also helping them make necessary changes so that they can return to work and back to their normal lives 

Our Corporate Addiction Recovery Program

Our Northeast addictions treatment center offers corporate addiction recovery to work with employees who are struggling with addiction so that they can reenter the workforce drug and alcoholfree. Some fields have higher instances of substance abuse problems and require more attention. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we recognize these trends and provide treatment tailored to these individuals.   

Whether your employee drinks too much or they require our prescription drug addiction treatment because of medication from chronic pain, let our expert staff step in. To combat addiction, we offer various levels of care and treatment so that they can return to work as soon as possible. To start, patients will go through detox. This process will remove the toxins safely, but it is only the start of the corporate recovery program if you want long-lasting results. Treatment will also include various therapies such as group therapy with peers and individual sessions with a counselor who are often trained to handle the specific concerns associated with your industry.   

As a good boss, you want to ensure that your employee is being taken care of and that their privacy is protected. Clearbrook Massachusetts and Clearbrook Pennsylvania will communicate with you clearly throughout the entire process and offer a 24-7 support line for your convenience. We will also act as a liaison for all legal and judicial matters including help with any necessary human resources and the Family and Medical Leave Act paperwork. Like you, we want your employee to transition smoothly back into the workforce as quickly as possible, but with long-lasting results.   

If you think there is a problem with one of your employees, step in. Work productivity may decline, and costly mistakes could be made while they are under the influence of drugs or alcoholDo not let their addiction lead to negative consequences for your company or other employeesOur inpatient detox center may be able to help them get their life back in order so they can once again be a productive and healthy member of society.