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Veterans in Recovery at Clearbrook Treatment Centers

We understand how prevalent substance abuse is among veterans. Many of those who have been deployed have turned to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with the mental distress they’ve developed due to their jobs. Many who have fought for our country have experienced an immense amount of trauma and their mental health has suffered as a result. Many service members and their families are currently struggling with the mental and emotional toll deployment has taken. While we offer several forms of addiction treatment at our facility, we know that treating addiction in veterans requires individualized care. Our Veterans in Recovery program at Clearbrook Treatment Centers is specifically designed to help veterans and their families overcome the physical and mental effects of addiction.

What Is the Veterans in Recovery Program?

Veterans in Recovery is a rehab program for veterans. In this program, we offer addiction and mental health treatment uniquely customized for service members. As a result of the trauma they experienced throughout their service, many who have been deployed have returned with a mental disorder, have returned as different people because they haven’t received the care they need. Their spouses, families, and friends may all be affected by this change as well. It’s heartbreaking how common this scenario is for so many who have fought for our country. That’s why our rehab facility wanted to create an addiction and mental health treatment specifically designed to help our service members.

Veterans in Recovery is a one-of-a-kind program that offers unique features, some of which include:

  • A safe environment where patients can escape from their temptations
  • Therapies and programs led by staff who are equipped to help veterans and their loved ones
  • Life skills training and addiction counseling
  • Addiction and mental health education
  • Assistance reintegrating back into society
  • Peer support enforced with group meetings and outings
  • Supervised outings, outdoor activities, meetings, speaker events, & more

Substance Abuse Treatment in Veterans in Recovery

Medical Detox

In both our Veterans in Recovery program at Clearbrook Massachusetts and Clearbrook Pennsylvania, our patients usually begin their addiction treatments with medical detox. As the name suggests, this form of detox is led by our medical personnel to ensure patient health and safety. Regardless of the substance used, most patients who come to us in need of addiction treatment will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be dangerous and even life-threatening without medical assistance. A medically monitored detox can also help patients better manage their addiction cravings when they move on to their formal rehab programs.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment program is a form of inpatient treatment that requires clients to live onsite. Unlike outpatient treatment, our residential rehab program separates patients from any temptations or people in their daily environments that may have supported their addictions. This allows individuals in our program to focus on their recovery without distractions. Veterans in this program will receive 24-hour care to ensure they’re safe and comfortable throughout their stay.

Substance-Specific Addiction Treatment

Veterans in Recovery also includes a variety of addiction treatments that address different types of disorders. We offer addiction treatment for substances including:

  • Alcohol
  • Bath Salts
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Meth
  • Opiate
  • Prescription drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Synthetic Marijuana

Prescription drug abuse is especially common among veterans nowadays. Because many servicemen and women have suffered injuries during their deployment, they become dependent on their prescription medications. If you begin to take more than the prescribed dose of a drug or begin to take it more often than directed, this can increase your tolerance. The more physically tolerant a person becomes, the more of that drug they’ll need to experience the same effects. This pattern of behavior can quickly lead to addiction. Veterans in need of drug or alcohol addiction treatment can get professional care at our rehab facility.

Faith-Based Addiction Treatment at Clearbrook

Veterans at Clearbrook Pennsylvania and Massachusetts have access to our non-denominational Christ-centered, faith-based programming for those interested in a more spiritual approach to treatment. Our Faith in Recovery program guides patients in establishing or restoring their faith and relationship with God while also addressing their substance use disorders.

Faith in Recovery is an all-inclusive, separate program at our Pompano Beach location, but is also available weekly via a virtual group on a national scale. All servicemen and women are welcome to join and experience how Faith in Recovery integrates faith-based ideas and clinical addiction therapies into a personalized Christian program.

Family Program

Our family program is centered on helping the families of patients who are suffering from an addiction. These conditions aren’t limited to the individual and can affect every person they’re connected to. It’s heartbreaking to watch your loved one battle addiction. This disease can break up families and deteriorate relationships without professional help. Our program for families of addicts promotes healing within the family unit.

Unique Therapies

Veterans in Recovery also incorporates a variety of therapies, such as biofeedback, dialectical behavioral, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients recognize how negative thoughts and emotions feed into their addiction. Especially for those who have experienced a significant amount of trauma, like veterans, learning how to recognize negative thinking and how to properly manage it can be life-changing.

Alumni Program

Our alumni program offers continuous support to patients who have completed at least one of our alcohol or drug treatment programs. Because addiction is a chronic disease, sobriety is a choice that patients will have to make on a daily basis. Recovery is a lifetime process that, although difficult at times, is extremely rewarding. Addiction treatment doesn’t guarantee that the person will never face challenges – that’s why we offer an alumni program. Finding purpose in recovery and sustaining sobriety requires support from others who have gone through similar situations. We want to offer everything our patients may need to stay on the right track long after they’ve completed their time with us.

At our Northeast addictions treatment center, we offer addiction treatment for veterans that is specifically designed just for them. Our servicemen and women deserve specialized care to help them live happy and full lives. If you’re a veteran in need of addiction treatment or know someone who is, contact us today to learn more about our Veterans in Recovery program.

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