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Are you willing to live, think and act in the present?

As addicts our focus is never present when we aren’t working a program. We constantly want to fix something from yesterday and think about the future. The present moment rarely exists in our minds.

When we surrender we must continually remind ourselves to focus on the present moment. We must ask ourselves what we can do right now and how we feel right now. When we answer those questions on a regular basis, we will become more apt for living in the present. We will quickly see how blinded we were by thinking of the past and the future so much.

If we stay focused we will see that all the power lives right in the present. Our minds will be freer and the way we think, act and feel will change for the better.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful to know that knowledge is not all-powerful. Today I will practice not depending on my knowledge alone. I pray that I learn to depend more often on grace.

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