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In keeping with the theme of surrender there are multiple questions we must pose. The next few Nick-isms will ask some of these questions.

The first question we are asking you is…

Are you willing to follow direction?
Unless we surrender we cannot possibly follow direction thus we need to ask ourselves this question. We not only have a drinking and drug problem, we also have a behavioral and feeling problem that gets in the way of our surrendering. We find it difficult to give up because we try so hard to make our lives work while using but it NEVER works. We cannot successfully live a life and use.

The behavioral and feeling problem make it clear that there is something wrong inside of us that the only way we felt okay when we were in the midst of our addiction was with those chemicals inside of us.

If we have surrendered to this disease we have the experience to know that WE DON’T NEED DRUGS OR ALCOHOL TO FEEL OKAY. We have seen and experienced for ourselves in recovery that when we work this program we are MORE than okay!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for knowing I am not perfect. Today I will look for the humor in my imperfections. I pray for the ability to find humor in what is not perfect in me.

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