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One of the best ways to embrace humility is by helping others. We only learn this from experience. When we help others, especially another addict we may not realize it right away but they are helping us more than we could ever help them. Although we can gain a different perspective when we see how much another person is suffering.

Helping others can really open our eyes to how fortunate we are. When we do lend a hand it is only the beginning of our humility. Another great test of humility besides helping others is accomplishing something and being modest. Of course if you accomplish something it is good to celebrate but a good example is in the fellowships of A.A. and N.A. When we celebrate our anniversaries, the purpose of getting up in front of everyone and receiving a coin is not so much to help us receiving the coin but it is truly to help a newcomer. Being 30 days sober and seeing someone celebrate 20 years is a great eye-opener for the newcomer because they see that the program really does work.

So when we are helping others and celebrating our recovery, let’s keep in mind that we must stay humble, not only for ourselves but for the newcomers who may feel hopeless.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful I was accepted when I came to A.A. Today I will remember to feel the acceptance that surrounds me. I pray that the acceptance I feel in A.A. will be experienced by others.

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