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The ability to believe without any tangible evidence. That is a definition I heard recently and wanted to write about it. Why is faith so important in our lives as recovering alcoholics and drug addicts? Well, without it we are going to believe our own minds. Most of us don’t wake up in the mornings and have absolute faith that everything is the way it is supposed to be. We’re more of the mindset that something is not right. That things aren’t OK in the here and now. That is alcoholism or addiction as a whole. That is where faith comes in. That is where step 2 and step 3 can infiltrate our lives and make us feel comfortable.

Faith. The belief that we are going to be OK under any and all conditions. That we can navigate this life with whatever higher power we choose and that higher power has what’s best for us. This is a one day at a time deal we have. Usually when we are worried and scared it is something that we THINK is going to happen to us in the future. If we practice faith we can begin to calm down and get back to the present moment.

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