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The Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy is used in treatments for various ailments including drug and alcohol addiction. One of the most famous group therapies for addiction is the 12-Step program from Alcoholics Anonymous, but group therapies can vary greatly. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we strongly believe in the benefits of group therapy to help our patients during the recovery process.

At our inpatient detox center, our patients will participate in both individual and group therapy. While it may seem uncomfortable at first to talk about your personal problems in a room full of strangers, you will quickly discover the advantages of group therapy.

There are numerous benefits to group therapy for addicts, but perhaps one of the greatest benefits of group therapy is that it becomes a support group for the patient. While individual therapy allows you to connect with your counselor, group therapy lets you connect with other people who are also struggling with addiction. Because everyone is dealing with the same general issues, it fosters a safe and nonjudgmental environment. As a result, people may feel more comfortable opening up and being honest about their issues.

When you talk to other people who struggle with addiction, you may find that some people are facing some of the same types of issues, or similar enough, as you are. This environment helps patients realize that they are not alone, a common feeling among many addicts. It may also teach you more about yourself, as you get an outside view of what addiction looks like.

One of the other benefits of group therapy is hope. In group therapy, you may find people at different stages of our alcohol and drug rehab programs. You will not only get to talk with people who are further along in the process, but you may also be able to watch the progress of another patient. Being able to see other people work through their addiction problems shows you that progress is feasible and gives you hope for your own recovery.

Some other benefits of group counseling are the connections that extend beyond the therapy sessions. You now have allies that are also working toward a sober lifestyle. When your old friends want to go out to party for St. Patrick’s Day, you now have new friends to celebrate in a sober way.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, it is important to get professional help. Our rehab center in Pennsylvania creates an individualized treatment plan for each patient including individual therapy, group therapy, and even a family program. We want all of our patients to beat their addiction and be able to move forward with their life.

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