Learn About the Clearbrook Family Education Program

family educational program clearbrook treatment centersFamily treatment is viewed as a vital and necessary component to enhance the recovery of the chemically dependent person, as well as to promote overall family recovery from the effects that chemical dependency has on individual family members. Family members often suffer from denial, self-blame, guilt, a sense of failure, attempting to fix the problem themselves, anxiety, depression, repressed feelings and stress-related illnesses.

Clearbrook Family Educational Program offers families and friends treatment for the effects of drug and alcohol addiction on their lives.  The family program is provided to family members of the chemically dependent three weekends a month, beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and ending at noon on Sunday.  The Clearbrook Family Program is also open to those people who believe they may value from this weekend program.

Families participate in group therapy and individual counseling sessions.  The program incorporates the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, in order to provide a framework through which families can address compulsive behavior, and enabling issues.  These exercises and role-playing teach the understanding of addictive behaviors and provide better skills at utilizing this knowledge not only in expressing feelings but also in one’s interaction with the addict.

Families are encouraged to take advantage of the Clearbrook Family Program during a family member or loved ones stay at Clearbrook.

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