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The data has compiled as to how many overdose deaths there were in the year 2014.  ABC News did an investigative study on the heroin and prescription pain medication problem that has swept the nation.

The numbers for 2015 have not been put together yet but everyone that has been asked so far say that the numbers will surpass 2014.  In the three state area surrounding Clearbrook, (NY, NJ, and PA) there were over 6,000 deaths.

West Virginia accounts for the highest death rate per capita.  One of the regions with the biggest problem is in the New England states.  Even though these states are smaller they account for a large majority of the issue.  The other surprising fact is that in states like Vermont and New Hampshire they are not urban areas.  They don’t have the big cities like NYC or Philadelphia.  New Hampshire ranks third out of the 50 states in deaths per capita.

Studies and data like this are a necessary tool in the fight against this epidemic.  We cannot hide from this anymore or sweep it under the carpet.  Now that people are aware of how bad this is, now it is time to start talking about the solution to the problem.  Like we have previously wrote, we cannot arrest our way out of this.  When an addict is arrested and put into the system without a plan outlined to help them, they usually end up back in the system again.  It is a vicious cycle.  It is estimated by some that only one in ten people ever get the help that they need.  That number needs to change, quickly.

Clearbrook has been on the firing line of treatment for heroin addiction for the last 40 years.  If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin addiction and needs help call us now.  This is not something that can wait.  A heroin addict plays Russian roulette every time they get high.  Don’t become a statistic like the people that were counted for this study.





For the full story from ABC News please click here

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