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Getting a sponsor in the rooms of AA or NA is the most valuable step you can take when first getting sober. A sponsor is there to help guide you through the twelve steps as they were laid out. We are trying to change everything about ourselves when we get sober, doing it alone just won’t work. A sponsor can help us in our decision making as well. For so long we have been making decisions based on what we thought was right. Clouded by alcohol and drugs, bad decision making became habitual. It is a relief to know that now we have someone, that was once like ourselves, that can help us navigate life.

People that have been sober for decades still use their sponsors in their everyday living. Alcoholism is the disease of self, it is never cured. When we are sober even for years our minds still cry out selfishly. To ask another human being whom we trust to take an objective look at what we are doing helps us to make the right decisions.

How has your sponsor helped you???

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