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For so long we’ve found fault with so many people in our lives. We have even tried to fix them but never took a look at ourselves. We probably never even considered fixing ourselves. Everyone else was the problem, not us.

We find out in A.A./N.A. that this notion is completely off. The truth is, we are the problem. We are to blame for all the insanity going on in our lives because of our drug/alcohol use. It is not until we read the Big Book and gain understanding of our disease, that we even begin to think that maybe it was us all along.

Once we begin to work the Steps we then take an even more in-depth look at ourselves especially in the 4th Step. This step allows us to find out exactly how and where we have been wrong. As we move forward, we are able to recognize our shortcomings and how we play a role in certain issues. We stop trying to fix everyone else and begin the journey of fixing ourselves.

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