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addiction ruining relationships

The sad truth is that addiction and relationships are often not a good fit.

Our drug rehab in Pennsylvania works with people struggling with various substance abuse problems, and we see the damage that addiction can have on a person’s entire life, including their relationships. Whether it is your marriage, your bond with your daughter, or your relationship with your parents, your addiction could be ruining it.

Signs Your Addiction Is Ruining Your Relationship

Your entire life may be destroyed by your addiction and relationships are just in the path of destruction. As an addict, it can be hard to look at how your addiction is affecting your relationships objectively, but if you answer these questions honestly, you will have a better idea.

Have you lied or been deceitful about your drug use to a loved one?

Honesty is an important aspect to a good relationship. If you are consistently lying to your loved one, do not be surprised when they start to get suspicious. Even if they do not suspect drug use, they will recognize your change in demeanor.

Has your loved one caught you in a lie?

Even worse than lying to your loved one is getting caught in your lie. Relationships are built on trust, and when that trust is broken, it can be hard to rebuild.

Has your drug or alcohol use caused financial problems?

Finances are one of the biggest points of contention in a marriage. Beyond the cost of the drugs or alcohol themselves, when your alcohol use had led to a DWI or other drastic fees, you are only adding stress for your spouse and putting a strain on your marriage. Without going to a proper alcohol detox center, you could lose your spouse forever. Get help immediately before your debt becomes insurmountable.

Do you find yourself being extra irritable and snapping at your loved ones?

Your loved ones can only take so much. People who are addicted to drugs will often experience mood swings and take out their anger on those closest to them. Chances are, you do not like be yelled at either, so by doing the same to your loved ones, you are bound to push them away.

Are you avoiding your loved one?

Many people struggling with addiction will experience feelings of depression and withdraw from social situations. If you continue to shut them out, your loved ones may stop trying and your relationship could become distant.

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, do not wait to act. Addiction hurts relationships to the point that they may end up beyond reconciliation, but do not let this happen to you. If you are noticing these kinds of cracks in your relationships, addiction treatment is a must. A family addiction program may also be helpful to mend these relationships with your loved one.

You do not need to end up alone. Salvage your relationships by getting addiction treatment. To start your journey to a comprehensive recovery, reach out to us today at 570-536-9621. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we will answer all of your questions about our Pennsylvania treatment centers and get you the help you need.

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