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Clearbrook Treatment Centers can serve as the facility for your adolescent that has an addiction to prescription drugs. In today’s world, these drugs are being abused by our teenagers in some places, more widely than the more common and well known street drugs like cocaine, heroin, or marijuana. The first step in getting these children help is a drug treatment center in PA, NY, or NJ, that has the capabilities of safely treating this illness.

The drugs of oxycontin, percocet, and vicodine are being distributed at alarming rates on our streets. Many people wonder where these drugs are coming from. Medicine cabinets in our homes have drugs in them that are addictive and exactly what the addict is looking for. Take a look in your medicine cabinet and see what is in there. If you don’t know what it is, take it to a pharmacy and find out. If you don’t need it, tell them and they will dispose of it. Doctors and pain clinics are the biggest offender in this new drug epidemic. We do realize that these medications do serve a purpose and are used to treat pain, but there are some places out there that serve as legal drug dealing offices. Short of getting into the politics of this problem, something needs to be done.

Our teenagers are dying everyday from these drugs. They think that it isn’t that bad because they aren’t abusing the everyday street drugs. These drugs in a lot of cases are just synthetic forms of these drugs. Oxycontin for example produces the same euphoric high as heroin. Ridilin can produce the same effects as cocaine. These drugs are dangerous and you should be educated on them.

If your need a PA, NY, or NJ drug rehab, call Clearbrook and speak with a member of our staff. We can help you. We will help your loved one. Drug addiction is a disease that requires experienced medical help and the therapeutic psychological treatment can be accomplished at Clearbrook Treatment Centers.

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