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Prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic that is sweeping the streets of our country. In the northeast, prescription drug abuse in PA, NY, NJ, and CT, is up 26% from 2006. Our teenagers are abusing these drugs, most notably, oxycontin and roxicontin. A poll of high school students revealed that one in twenty admitted to taking one or both of these drugs. Oxycontin is synthetic heroin. It was invented in Germany as a pain reliever without the high euphoric effects of heroin or opium. It was made to be time released when swallowed in a pill form to regulate the high the drug produces yet relieve pain. Teenagers and adults have found ways to abuse oxycontin by injecting the drug intravenously or by grinding up the pills and ingesting them through the nose. Pharmacy robberies have soared through the roof in the last ten years. Home invasions of people who are prescribed this drug have also increased. Adolescents have also been mixing these pills with alcohol. The combination is extremely deadly. Parents or loved ones should listen for the code names the addict has given these drugs to know whether or not they are taking them. The words to watch out for are Oxys, Roxis, blues, and OCs.

The treatment for prescription drug abuse in NY, NJ, PA, and CT, can be handled successfully at Clearbrook Treatment Centers. The first step into successful sobriety from these drugs is a fully licensed, medical detox. The addict on prescription drugs faces a tough road in regards to detox, but can and will be accomplished if they follow the treatment plan outlined by our addiction specialists. Sometimes people that are on prescription drugs think that they are not as bad as those who use the street drugs like cocaine and heroin. This is denial and this denial needs to be addressed. These drugs are killing the same if not more people on our streets every day. Depression during the initial detox can occur as well. This is a physcological dilemma that is also immediately addressed by our staff.

Often times when our loved ones are addicted we don’t know what to do. If you are looking for help and to save the life of yourself or someone you love, we assure you that we can help when you thought no one else can.

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