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Recovery is a journey that we must continue throughout our entire lives. We know that in our addiction our character defects hurt our chances of getting sober and living a better. When we came into the rooms of A.A./N.A. we realized that we could take away these character defects by doing the work and asking for help.

For learning purposes we can look at the problems/defects that were foremost in the midst of our addiction. Some problems include expectations, wanting to control everything, self-centeredness and selfishness, obsessive thoughts, impatience, intolerance and ego.

With these problems we quickly found that there was a solution and that we can come to a solution through a bridge of resources. Some resources include other people, a sponsor, A.A. meetings, the 12 Steps, sharing with others, writing in a daily journal, reading program literature, listening to speaker tapes and 12 Step calls. All of these resources are at our fingertips as we take the journey on the road to recovery.

Some solutions we reach through the resources are willingness, acceptance, surrender, a Higher Power and we become selfless. These gifts/solutions are given to us when we use the resources in front of us. If we do not use them we can slip right back into the problem.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for knowing my human limitations. Today I will work to accomplish what I am able. I pray to be free of my unrealistic expectations.

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