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“Practice these principles in all of our affairs”

The last sentence in the twelfth step tells us that everything that we have done so far, should be carried out in all areas of our life. Our problem was us, and our solution for so long was alcohol and drugs. That solution didn’t work. It brought all kinds of problems and irrational thinking and actions.

After we have worked the steps, we have a new way of living. These steps are designed to be lived on a daily basis and when practiced our lives are completely different. We are reborn. When we practice the twelve steps in our daily lives we stay away from fighting everyone and everything. What a life that can bring. To not be in collision with everything, to accept things on life’s terms, is so much easier than the life we were used to.

God makes all of this possible. When we are unsure of the path to take, we now have a higher power, of our understanding that we can turn to for help. God will not let you down if you earnestly seek his will.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful to know the only power I possess is in changing my faults. Today I will work on changing my faults while allowing others to be the way they must be. I pray for courage and strength to change my faults.

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