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Alcohol is a peculiar substance. Mix it with cranberry juice and you have a classic cocktail combination that we wave off as harmless.

Mix it with the wrong substance and you may have created a deadly concoction that could wreak havoc on your body. For some people, drawing a line between the two isn’t so easy, and without an alcohol detox center to help them quit their drinking habits, they may stumble upon these dangerous combinations – on purpose or by accident.

What Is Flexeril?

Flexeril is the better-known brand name for cyclobenzaprine, a prescription muscle relaxant used to treat muscle spasms in the short-term. It typically comes in the form of a pill taken orally and is often combined with physical therapy and rest. Like many other drugs, Flexeril can be misused and abused.

What Happens When You Mix Flexeril with Alcohol?

Problems arise when people abuse Flexeril or mix Flexeril and alcohol together. Alone, Flexeril abuse can lead to feelings of relaxation, sedation, and being content. While some people mistakenly mix the two, there are instances of people purposely using them together. If you have done the latter, then you should seek help immediately with our Pennsylvania inpatient detox center.

While everyone is unique and react to substances differently, typically when Flexeril and alcohol are combined, the effects of alcohol, including drowsiness, memory problems, impaired thought, and poor motor control, are elevated. They should avoid driving and may be at greater risk of serious injury from their poor coordination. If the doses are too high, the person is putting themselves in more serious danger. They have a greater risk of alcohol poisoning and overdose as well as damage to their liver, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system.1

Of course, mixing alcohol and Flexeril is just one example of a dangerous drug combination. Unfortunately, there are many other drug interactions that are harmful when mixed with alcohol. As a Pennsylvania drug and alcohol rehab, we urge you to be aware of the medications you are taking and follow the instructions given to you by your doctor.

If your drinking or drug use has become a problem, get help before your addiction spirals out of control. If you have watched your loved one fall at the hands of substance abuse, step in to get them help. Do not let addiction ruin your life or the life of your loved one. Get help today at Clearbrook Treatment Centers by calling 570-536-9621


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