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Going to meetings, finding a sponsor, and prayer are all essentials of getting and staying sober. We have work to do though. The twelve steps of the program take time and effort on our part. When we were drinking and using we would do anything we had to in order to obtain our substances. We have to take that same attitude and apply it to step work. The rewards are happiness and freedom. We are going to have to write, talk to a trusted human being, and open our minds to some concept of God. This sometimes seems like a large task. It really isn’t. When we are finished we are promised something. We are promised a spiritual awakening. We won’t see the world the same way we used to.

The twelve steps take work on our part. It is nothing like the work we had to do in active addiction. The work will pay off!!!!

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the ability to detach from people, places, and circumstances. Today I will allow people. places, and circumstances to be as they are. I pray that I do not attempt to control others.

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