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Sometimes we feel alone in this world. Our minds tell us that we are different and that even the people in AA don’t understand what is wrong with us. We believe what we think is the real problem. When we are getting sober, especially in the beginning it is difficult to differentiate the true from the false. These are the times that we must lean on AA and our sponsors. They will help us with the truth. They can help us through their own experience. Our minds have, for so many years, been lying to us. To fall into the trap of thinking we are different from everyone else can be deadly for us. If we drink or use to control these thoughts, eventually we are going to be locked up or dead.

Faith is often spoken about in recovery. We know that it can be difficult when faced with life. To know that other people have trudged the road we are on cuts the thoughts in half. People in recovery want to help. They want to show the newcomer that at one time in their own lives they thought just like we do. They then show us the way out. They show us the right way of living. The relief that comes to us when we honestly know that we aren’t unique is what we’ve really been looking for our whole life.

Do you sometimes feel different? What do you do to come out on the other side?

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful to be free of resentment. Today I will guard against resentful feelings. I pray that my life is no longer tormented by resentment.

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