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A key component in recovery is honesty. When we come into the rooms of AA and NA, our lives seem to be in a giant knot. It’s almost like a big ball of fishing line that is all tangled together. What we are trying to do is untangle that line. You will hear the words, “we have to get honest”. The steps call for honesty. When we have finally given up, and we want help, the first step many of us took was to find a sponsor. The relationship between a sponsor and a sponsee is very powerful. This is a person that we can finally trust, a person we can tell what we’ve done, our fears, and our defects. When we talk about our past, and at times it can be hard, we are merely just telling the truth. The truth about ourselves finally sets us free. It is a rallying point, a starting block to recovery. When the truth comes out, the healing can begin. Without the truth we can’t be helped because the help we seek is being steered in the wrong direction.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful that I can share my feelings at meetings. Today I will work at sharing how I feel. I pray that I stay open and sharing.

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