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“Made a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Ourselves”

The fourth step is spoken about a lot in meetings all over the world. Often times we hear about how hard it was, how so many people avoided doing it all together. Then we hear that they didn’t achieve sobriety. Many people try to sidestep this one or take “half measures”.

This step is crucial to sobriety. This step is the truth about ourselves, about our past. We drank, we thought, because of the taste or the way it made us feel. The question to ask is “why did we always have to feel different? Why did we always need to change that?” Most of us drink and use to escape. This step will help you find out what you are escaping from. How do we fix things that made us drink and use if we don’t know what to fix?

We have placed our own desires and our own instincts above all else. That was all we knew. Remember, what we are attempting to do is find out the reasons and the corrections to our past life. To try and align our will with Gods will. Thinking about this doesn’t work. Putting our thoughts and defects on paper “lays it out on the table”.

Looking at our past can be difficult. It can be painful. It is a humble step though. We are making the attempt to correct our behaviors. We are making an attempt to live happily in this world.

How has the Fourth Step transformed your life?

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