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Helping another suffering alcoholic or drug addict is a way of keeping ourselves sober. The twelfth step of the programs of AA/NA ask that we do this to keep sober ourselves. We are told in the rooms that in order to keep what we have been so freely given, we must give it away to keep it.

There is no better way to keep our pasts from repeating themselves than hearing it from someone that is going through it. It allows us to be grateful for getting out and finding a new life. It allows us to see that we are no longer suffering from the pains of active addiction. Even better though, we now have a purpose. It is truly amazing and God given that someone that suffered for so long can now help someone going through the same thing. These are events, when presented, that we promise you don’t want to miss. It is vital to our recovery.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful I no longer fear death or life. Today I walk with new faith as my partner. I pray that my new faith may grow.

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