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Most people that have stayed sober for years and years have absolutely one thing in common. They go to meetings. They can be seen in the rooms of AA/NA every day. Why so much? The easy answer to this question is that it works. What these people have come to realize and believe is that by attendance at meetings regularly, seeing their sponsors and friends, and helping others is the cornerstone to their sobriety. A man that we know, Bill S, says that what keeps him in meetings is seeing the newcomer. Seeing the people who go out, drink again, and come back. He is there because he wants to hear how bad it got for these people. He is also there so that he can open himself to these people in order to help them. Bill S has forty years of sobriety and goes to an AA meeting every day.

Some of us drank every day. We would go to any length to get that next drink. If we take the same effort in staying sober, doing anything in order to stay that way, we will not fail.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful for the abundance in my life. Today I will count my many blessings. I pray to see my blessings with clear vision.

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