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September 28-Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for the guidance in my life. Today I will make myself available to guidance from others. I pray that I will be encouraged to reach out for guidance.

Today, the Daily Gratitude is focusing on guidance for others and guidance for ourselves.

The guidance we offer to others can be by sponsoring someone or also just being a source of support for someone who needs help. You don’t have to be someone’s sponsor to help them. Sometimes offering guidance to someone else also helps us in our own lives. It can teach us a lot.

Reaching out for guidance is not always an easy thing especially if our ego gets in the way. Sometimes we are humbled by asking for guidance. But don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. That’s what we have a sponsor and a support group for. It helps us learn and grow as we are less fearful of asking for guidance and ask for it more frequently. You don’t have to do this alone!

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    My brother is addicted to bath salt. He has lost a tremendous amount of weight. A lot of people have attempted to reach out to him but he denies anything is wrong with him. He sees orbs and stays awake most nights trying to capture pictures of these images he is seeing. My mom and I both want to help him. How do you help someone that just wants to be left alone. He is a concern to those around him—he is acting paranoid—checking on his girlfriend at all hours of the night and accusing her of cheating on him.

    I am concerned he may hurt someone–I know he is hurting himself.

    How do you committ someone to drug rehab against their will? He does not see his actions.


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