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There are so many essential pieces to getting and staying sober. We hear about them all the time in meetings. That is what we are going to talk about today, meetings. Why is it so important? Simply stated, that is where everyone else that wants to get sober is. Going to meetings is where people who have one day sober go for help. There is no better way of remembering how bad our past was than to hear it from someone else.

Going to meetings is how we can give back what has been so freely given to us. When we are at a meeting and someone shares their pain, that is when we can be of maximum service. We can help people when no one else can.

If we don’t go to meetings on a regular basis we begin to slip into our past. We think that “we can handle it”. The problem with that is, we can’t handle it. Not only have the programs of AA/NA expelled the drugs and alcohol, they can allow us to live happily. That is what we have wanted all along.

How has getting involved in AA/NA meetings changed your life??

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