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The programs of AA and NA consist of two parts. The first part or the program is the steps of the process in getting sober. The other part is the fellowship. The fellowship consists of who we are talking with, hanging out with, and having fun with. In our active addictions we thought we had great friends. The people we saw and used with was all we knew. So many people when they share their stories at meetings will tell us when they got sober they didn’t see those people anymore. It was as if they never existed. The reasons for this not seeing these people anymore are because now being sober we may be a threat to them. Most of us in active addiction don’t want to take a look at ourselves, these using friends are no different.

When we find people in the programs, they are our new friends. These are people who have been where we once were. They understand us. These are the people that we are going to go to dinner, Christmas parties, and play golf with. The program is based on one alcoholic helping another. We can find these people in large numbers in meetings. Then we can commence to find a happier and joyous life with them.

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