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The recovery from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction is like following a recipe. If we are cooking, and we don’t follow the directions of how to make what we want, the food doesn’t taste good. The programs of AA and NA if approached the same way will work for us.

Going to meetings of AA and NA are essentials to getting well. These are places that we go and we hear our own stories told by other members seeking recovery. Finally, this is where we find people who understand us. It is truly amazing that other people once felt as we did. What’s even better is that when we listen to people in meetings that have long term sobriety tell our stories of heartache, they follow that up by the solution. That is what these programs are about. They are solution based programs to our disease.

We often hear about the two components to the program. One is the 12 steps of the program and the other is the fellowship of the program. Both sides of the program flourish in meetings. Many people claim the best parts of their day is the 20 minutes before the meeting and the 20 minutes after the meeting. We can describe this as the fellowship portion of the program. This is the time that we talk to our new friends about life, about what is going on with us on a personal basis.

By going to meetings it is another way of knowing that we are not alone in the world. When we can identify with other members feelings we are now part of a very large whole.

Daily Gratitude:

I am grateful I no longer hurt others. Today I will greet others with good cheer. I pray that I may be filled with the spirit of good cheer.

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