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One of the hardest things we face is giving up control. Although we think we had our lives under control while we were using, we didn’t. We realize this when we get sober. Yet, even though we realize this it is sometimes a struggle to give up trying to control everything.

When we completely surrender to this disease, we know we are powerless but sometimes forget we are powerless over other things in our life. For example, being powerless over other people in our lives is a concept that we sometimes overlook. We may not like the things people close to us do but we must give it up to our Higher Power. The best solution to trying control is our Higher Power. Without giving it up to our HP, we feel crazy. Our thoughts get the best of us. We also forget that we are responsible for ourselves and not other people. Other people are responsible for themselves, unless they are asking for help of course.

We must constantly practice giving it up to our HP. It will get easier the more aware we are and the more we actually do it.

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