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There are all kinds of different meetings that we can go to. There is step meetings, As Bill Sees It, topic meetings, and speaker meetings to name a few. What we want to talk about today is speaker meetings and their benefits. Typically, at a speaker meeting the chairperson chooses a speaker that will share their experience, strength, and hope with the group. Sometimes they can speak for a portion of the hour and leave the rest of the time for comments, or they speak for the full hour.

What are the benefits? One is to allow our listening skills to improve. It also allows us to hear from the beginning of someones life to present day. The speaker tells us what happened, what it was like, and what it’s like now. For the newcomer this is where we are going to hear our own story told by another human being. They will tell of the total destruction that alcohol caused them. Even more important, they tell us the way out. What happened to them by attending the program. What the steps did for them.

Have you been to a speaker meeting lately? What do you like or dislike about them? Let us know.

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