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Embracing who we are is a hard thing when we first get sober. That’s mostly because we don’t even know who we truly are in the first place. At first this could be a bit scary but once we get into the program and start working it we realize that getting an opportunity to find out who we truly are is such a blessing.

We are completely rebuilding ourselves and have the chance to become whatever we want. We’ve always known we were a good person deep down but that NEVER came out when we were using. Finally, as we are finding out who we really are we get to see the real goodness within us. We realize that everyone is filled with this goodness but not everyone truly gets to embrace that. We are blessed because the 12 Steps help us see such goodness. This goodness can only come from one thing and that is our creator, our Higher Power, or our God.

Realize the blessing. It’s within you.

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