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Do you or someone you know have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and need a New York rehab? Clearbrook Treatment Centers, which are located just two hours from NYC, can help you.

People in NY and all over the world are suffering from drug and alcohol addictions and have no idea that there is hope and people who are willing to help. Getting professional help from a NYC rehab is the first step to recovery. Serving as a NYC drug and alcohol detox is the first step Clearbrook can take to help.

There are many options you have in drug treatment. We take the approach that addiction is a disease and we follow strict guidelines in helping you overcome your addiction. The first step is a full medical detox at our inpatient drug rehab in Pennsylvania.

Once you are admitted to Clearbrook you will detox, and then a treatment plan will be devised so that while in treatment you can begin to attain the tools necessary in staying sober once you leave.

Clearbrook can help when you thought that no one else could. We have been treating the disease of addiction since 1972 and have had success in helping to repair people’s lives. Please look through our website for any information you will need before you make the greatest decision in your life.

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