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Alcohol has become so readily accepted in our society that people who have an addiction to it can’t see it. With all the beer and liquor commercials we see, alcohol can almost be glorified. It is not so with the person suffering from the disease of alcoholism. These people now have no choice in whether they drink or don’t drink. They tell themselves on a daily basis that they are not going to drink today, only to be overwhelmed by the obsession and they drink again. Without the help of a Pennsylvania alcohol rehab most can not overcome the addiction.

Alcohol detox should be done medically in a licensed treatment center or hospital. The effects of doing it yourself are dangerous up to and including death. The body has to get rid of all the toxins to make the user start to feel healthy again. At Clearbrook, we are a fully licensed medical detox.

After detox from alcohol it is strongly recommended that the patient enter a 28 day treatment program to begin to heal mentally and emotionally. We drink for a reason and a inpatient New York rehab can begin to uncover what those reasons are. We need to be able to cope with life as it comes without alcohol. We can begin to learn these things while in treatment so that when we leave we have some of the tools necessary.

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