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For some people, a caffeine kick is a necessity to give them energy and keep them from feeling sluggish.

For other people, alcohol is the only way to get them through the day. Both substances can lead to addiction and both can be bad for your health when taken in excess, but when mixed together, caffeine and alcohol can create a whole new set of problems. While some people may brush this combination off as harmless, our alcohol and drug rehab knows better.

The Dangers of Mixing Caffeine and Alcohol

For many people, a caffeinated alcoholic drink is nothing to worry about. What they do not know is that that vodka Red Bull has a whole lot more going on below the surface. At our Pennsylvania alcohol detox center, we have seen the damaging effects of mixing alcohol and caffeine, and we want you to know that it is not as harmless as it seems.

Caffeine is a stimulant that can be found in coffee, energy drinks, and even chocolate. It increases energy and alertness. In contrast, alcohol is a depressant that slows down the central nervous system. With such contrasting symptoms, the caffeine and alcohol effects on the body can be deadly. Although there is still a lot of room for research on the topics, mixing the two can increase health risks such as:

Binge Drinking and Alcohol Poisoning

Caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors in the body that makes you feel tired after drinking. Contrary to popular belief, it does not sober you up. Because you feel more alert from the caffeine and the drinking effects are delayed, you are more likely to consume more alcohol. One study found that those age 15 to 23 who mixed alcohol with energy drinks were 4 times more likely to binge drink than those who did not mix the two.1 It is important to note that along with the possibility for alcohol poisoning, heavy drinking comes with a greater risk of numerous alcohol-related problems such as injury, risky behavior, and other serious health issues.  If you have a problem with alcoholism, get help immediately at our inpatient detox center.

Heart Problems

Some research suggests that some of the most dangerous caffeine and alcohol effects on the body involve the heart. Individually, both can cause increased heart rate and higher blood pressure. Consuming them together may have worse implications such as an irregular heartbeat, but research still needs to be done to confirm these suspicious.2 What is important to remember is that excessive amounts of either on their own can have negative effects on your heart health so combining them could only exacerbate these problems.

Whether your loved one is downing drinks on a regular basis or you find yourself unable to make it through the day without that euphoric drug high, addiction is a horrible habit that can have detrimental effects on the body. Get help at Clearbrook Treatment Centers before your health on your loved one’s health suffers. Call our team at 570-536-9621 to learn more about our facilities and our treatment programs.



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