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Many people use cocaine recreationally and believe it is harmless. Some people also only go off of what they see in the movies featuring this drug. Either way, there are several myths about cocaine that the general public has mistakenly come to accept as the truth.

Cocaine Facts Vs. Cocaine Myths

These cocaine myths can be dangerous and lead people to believe that cocaine is safer than it is. To stop the spread of these myths, our rehab in PA is giving you the facts about cocaine and revealing the truth behind this dangerous drug.

Cocaine Myth: Snorting Cocaine Isn’t As Dangerous As Injecting It

Cocaine Fact: Cocaine can be snorted, injected, and smoked, but no matter how it is administered, cocaine can have serious side effects on a person’s health. Snorting cocaine can also lead to problems specifically with the nasal passage and airways.

Cocaine Myth: Cocaine Isn’t Addictive

Cocaine Fact: Many people believe that cocaine is a mostly harmless recreational drug that, when used on occasion, does nothing more than make you have a good time. In reality, cocaine is highly addictive even after a few uses. Cocaine floods the brain with an unnatural amount of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy, and the body becomes hooked on this artificial high. If you or a loved one starts to become dependent on this drug, our cocaine addiction treatment in Scranton may be able to help.

Cocaine Myth: Cocaine Makes Sex Better

Cocaine Fact: As a stimulant, cocaine may increase sexual desire, but that doesn’t mean it makes sex any better. It can often lead to risky and unsafe sexual behaviors. Also, with frequent use, some research suggests that men may struggle with infertility.1

Cocaine Myth: There Is No Crash With Cocaine

Cocaine Fact: Many people mistakenly believe that cocaine withdrawal isn’t that bad. While the symptoms may not be as severe as with opioids, you can still experience some uncomfortable side effects including sweating, nausea, depression, and anxiety during cocaine detox and withdrawal. Especially if the cocaine is cut with other substances, there is a higher chance that you will experience some negative aftermath.

Cocaine Myth: Cocaine Is A Glamorous Drug

Cocaine Fact: Contrary to how cocaine is shown in the movies, it does not make for a glamorous lifestyle. Hollywood neglects to show the downfalls of cocaine addiction and the devastating and unforeseen consequences of using this drug. While cocaine is expensive, it is also not limited to celebrities. Anyone who abused cocaine can quickly become a regular user.

There are several myths surrounding cocaine and other drugs, but no matter the substance, abusing these drugs is dangerous. If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, get help today. Call us at 570-536-9621 to get started.



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