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Some of us come into sobriety with the undoubted knowledge of God or a higher power. Some of us don’t and feel that we will never be able to believe. There is a whole chapter in the book ” Alcoholics Anonymous” that deals with the belief in something greater than ourselves.

If we take a look at our lives as addicts and alcoholics we can see that our human power of will and guidance really did not work. There is so much evidence of that. What can we do about it though? The answer is to try and find something that can help solve that problem. At first we may use our sponsor or our home group. We can see scores of people who are happy and found a way out of a life of depression and misery.

Often times what happens is, we listen to these people and we end up finding a power that is not human and can’t be defined. It is a lot of people’s opinions that if we can define God, then it is not God. We will leave that up to you though.

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