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For people in recovery, the basics are of utmost importance. As time passes and we get sober, things in our lives start to come together. We are working the steps and we are helping other people that are just coming in. Life has started to have meaning for us. We are able to be good employees and loving family members. It is so easy, as the literature says “to rest on our laurels”. Right after that sentence it says, “alcohol is a subtle foe”.

The programs of AA and NA are built and designed in 24 hour blocks. It is vital to our recovery to remember where we started. We started with Step One. The easiest way to remain in good balance is to practice the first three steps of the program on a daily basis. When things get tough, as life does for all of us, God is in charge. He will handle it, whatever it is, if you let him.

Although we are always going to make mistakes, the first 3 steps will save our lives. It can keep us in good emotional balance. When practiced on a daily basis this becomes our solution to all problems.

Daily Gratitude:
I am grateful that my feelings do not get hurt as easily as they once did. Today I will not allow anyone to hurt me. I pray that I will not be hurt by the words or acts of others

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