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From former addict to addiction specialist, The Bachelorette’s Zac C has won the hearts of many, including Tayshia Adams. The 36-year-old wanted to be completely open and honest with Tayshia if he was going to make her his future wife. In a recent interview, Zac C opens up about past substance abuse. He revealed how after graduating college, he found out he had a brain tumor and underwent surgery. After the surgery, Zac C was introduced to pain medication.

Zac calls himself a “degenerate alcoholic and drug addict”. Overtime, Zac C’s addiction to prescription pills escalated. He was using Dilaudid and morphine. He went as far as to ask his doctors if he could get his gall bladder removed just so he could get more heavy painkillers. It was apparent that Zac was showing signs of doctor shopping.

This led Zac C to go on an 8-month long drug binge. He was using heroin intravenously, smoking crack, and inhaling nitrous oxide until he was arrested for a DUI and drug possession.

Zac C found himself at rock bottom when he was stealing checks from his father. At this point, he knew he had to change his life and get sober. It’s so inspiring that Zac was able to recognize that he needed addiction treatment and sought help. Zac C’s sobriety shows that there is hope!

If you’re not sure how to tell if your loved one is addicted to prescription pills, look for signs such as mental confusion, drastic weight loss, and doctor shopping. If you notice these signs in yourself or a loved one, get help immediately. Zac C’s recovery journey exemplifies the importance of sobriety. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we are here to help those who are struggling with various substance abuse problems.

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