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Any form of substance abuse can have adverse effects on a person’s body. Long-term drug abuse, like smoking marijuana, can disrupt your body’s normal functions and cause additional health issues. Since the legalization of weed, more studies have been conducted regarding the effects of marijuana on the menstrual cycle. Addiction to marijuana is dangerous and can prevent your body from working as it should. 

At our rehab center in Laurel Run, we offer various programs to help individuals grappling with substance abuse begin their recovery. Our staff of professionals provides our patients with safe and effective addiction treatment. 

How Does Weed Affect Your Period?

Marijuana is a psychotropic drug with a main chemical component called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that produces mind-altering effects in its users. THC can be addictive and is known to cause certain symptoms like a lack of concentration and impaired cognition. It’s important to be aware of how marijuana affects your menstrual cycle and the rest of the body. 

Many female smokers have probably wondered, “Can marijuana affect your menstrual cycle?” After long bouts of smoking marijuana, your period may experience some changes. Long-term marijuana use may affect your period and prevent your reproductive system from functioning properly. There are several ways smoking weed can affect your period. 


Shortened Luteal Phase

The luteal phase is the second half of a woman’s menstrual cycle. It begins after the ovulation cycle ends and plays a big role in a woman’s ability to conceive. According to a study conducted in 2018, women who smoked marijuana experienced shorter luteal phases. This study reported that the luteal phases of the women who smoked marijuana were five days shorter than those who did not smoke.1 Women who have shorter luteal phases can have trouble getting or staying pregnant because they’re not producing enough of the necessary hormones. One of these hormones is progesterone, which regulates the production of estrogen and prevents the overdevelopment of the uterine lining.2 

Individuals who have developed a dependency on marijuana should seek immediate treatment to avoid any further health concerns. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we offer a marijuana addiction treatment program where people can overcome drug abuse and get closer to achieving a life of sobriety. 


Disruption in Ovulation Cycle

Ovulation refers to the phase of the menstrual cycle in which an egg is released from the ovary. If the egg is fertilized by sperm once it is released, it can then reach the uterus and result in a pregnancy.3 A study conducted in 2016 on marijuana and its effects on the female endocannabinoid and reproductive systems concluded that smoking marijuana can result in anovulatory menstrual cycles.4 During anovulatory menstrual cycles, women may skip their ovulation altogether. Smoking marijuana can increase how often this happens, which can cause uncomfortable symptoms and make conceiving more difficult. 

Whether or not you are a woman who wants to conceive, it’s important to understand how marijuana affects your menstrual cycle. Long-term marijuana use can not only affect the way your brain works but can also affect your endocannabinoid system, which plays a very large role in the reproductive system. Women who do not want to conceive can still experience uncomfortable symptoms or issues regarding their reproductive system and hormonal development as a result of smoking marijuana. 


At our rehab center, we want to help people heal physically and mentally from substance abuse. In programs like our residential treatment program, you or someone you know struggling with an addiction can be guided throughout their treatment and will learn how to stay sober after rehab. 

If you or a loved one are suffering from substance abuse, do not wait to get help. Call us now at 570-536-9621 to get closer to living an addiction-free life.  



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