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dangers of e-cigarettes

Are E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

E-cigarettes and vaping have become the new craze for the youth. They are a relatively new development that have been advertised as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. Because e-cigarettes are newer, the long-term effects have yet to be properly researched. Perhaps you have seen your friends doing it and have been tempted to try it. As a parent you may have expressed your concerns without any real evidence to support your worries. So, are e-cigarettes harmful? As providers of drug rehab in Pennsylvania, we want you to know the truth about e-cigarettes.

Are e-cigarettes dangerous? In a nutshell, yes. In fact, there are many e-cigarette dangers. At Clearbrook Treatment Centers, we are here to explain why.

E-cigarettes are dangerous because they often contain nicotine and carcinogens like formaldehyde. In fact, studies have found that regular e-cigarette use may have cancer risks as much as 15 times higher than traditional smoking.1 As it turns out, these cigarette alternatives could be even more deadly.

Another reason e-cigarettes are dangerous is because of how nicotine affects brain development. Nicotine can have negative effects on the areas of the brain that control learning, mood, attention and impulse control. A developing brain also has an easier time creating new synapses or brain connections, but nicotine can have negative effects on this process, including an increased risk of addiction. Because the brain isn’t fully developed until around 25, e-cigarettes are especially dangerous for the youth.2

Using e-cigarettes may increase the risk of becoming addicted to other drugs. Because nicotine is highly addictive, it is sometimes called a gateway drug to other addiction problems and are believed to have biological effects that make addiction to other drugs more likely. One survey found that over 90% of adult cocaine users younger than 34 had been smokers before they started using cocaine.3 What may have begun as good fun could turn into a deadly lifelong addiction that requires professional cocaine treatment to get better.

E-cigarettes are dangerous. Although they are only just being discovered, new research is being conducted each day. If you or a loved one is a regular user of e-cigarettes, you should seriously consider quitting.

At our rehab center in Pennsylvania, we offer an inpatient detox center for those who suffer from drug or alcohol addictions and need help.

If you want more information about our Pennsylvania treatment centers, contact us at 570-536-9621.


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